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    "When it comes to midstream, Reese Energy Consulting helps us demonstrate to our investors that we have thoroughly evaluated all of our options and are making the best choice available."

    Kevin Dunnington, Antioch Energy
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    "Reese Energy Consulting renegotiated contracts for us that resulted in a bottom line increase of at least $0.25 per mcf at the wellhead on four of our wells.

    Steve only charged us a fee on wells where he increased the gas price. Excellent service."

    Pat Wilsey, Maxim Energy
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    Reese Energy Consulting not only uncovered substantial gas revenue but also negotiated our crude oil contracts which significantly increased our price per barrel.

    Steve Reese's reputation and industry contacts alone are beneficial to any producer. We highly recommend his services."

    Pam Ibbetson, Oxley Petroleum

Reese Energy Consulting works with independent oil and gas producers, midstream companies, and end users across all U.S. producing and market regions.

The expertise of Reese's team is unmatched in energy marketing, gas and liquids contract review, energy research projects, and business and operational development of gas and liquid midstream assets from the wellhead to the marketplace.

As one of the nation's most respected and sought-after energy marketing specialists, Steve Reese helps clients profitably navigate the complexities of contract negotiation for natural gas, liquids, crude oil and electrical power. The Reese team also helps natural gas end-users strategically purchase energy supplies at the lowest price and midstream companies optimize new or existing assets.

Reese Energy Consulting, formed in 1994, is the brainchild of Steve Reese, an energy industry staple for more than 35 years as both a professional consultant and popular seminar instructor. Reese has consulted for over 300 energy firms, including producers, midstream companies, utilities, and end users. Reese is known as one of the leading experts in energy marketing, midstream evaluation and operations, and gas gathering and processing.


Reese Energy Consulting's broad base of industry relationships, key partnerships, and strategic market channels can help your company make the right connections.
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Team Members

The Reese Energy Consulting team delivers long experience and proven talent in the natural gas, midstream, and NGL energy sectors.
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Training and Seminars

Reese Energy Training has assembled one of the strongest, industry-recognized teams of energy experts to offer customer-focused training in the new energy world.
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