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Energy Marketing


As a small or mid-size independent oil and gas producer, keeping your focus on production – and the bottom line – has never been more important. That's why more and more independent producers rely on Reese Energy Consulting for the energy marketing expertise that brings added value to their investments.

Whether you need to bring your products to market or upgrade existing contracts, Reese Energy Consulting secures the best price and the best market for your natural gas, liquids or crude oil.

Contract Negotiation


Reese combines years of experience and skill in strategic contract negotiation with valuable industry resources to negotiate the best price for your product from firms that offer reliable credit facilities and responsive service.

Reese Energy Consultants worked with Merit Energy to explore renegotiation opportunities on the company's natural gas processing contracts. Since 2004, Reese has performed four major renegotiations on behalf of Merit, increasing the company's revenue by more than $1.4 million per year. These renegotiations are the result of our extensive natural gas and liquids expertise, competitive knowledge, and wide range of industry contacts.

Over the years, we've made our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars by negotiating higher prices and more competitive terms for their energy products. Reese also consults with natural gas end-users and utilities in the purchase of their energy supply, helping them achieve substantial savings years after year.

Reese Energy Consultants coordinated, audited and organized Oxley Petroleum's oil and gas contracts to determine renegotiation opportunities. During our due diligence, Reese discovered that one Oxley well was being overcharged for gathering. Reese was able to recoup more than $130,000 in overcharges for Oxley. We also renegotiated the company's crude oil contracts, resulting in an increase of more than $1 per barrel.

Midstream Services


Reese Energy Consulting uses its broad base of industry relationships, key partnerships and strategic market channels to help midstream companies optimize their investments and capitalize on new opportunities.

Our experience in midstream asset evaluation and management means we can help processors and gatherers identify, locate, acquire or divest assets at the best price, at the right time. We can also help you leverage your midstream assets to achieve greater commercialization and strategic growth.