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Less than two years ago, Reese Energy Consulting set out to turn our LinkedIn social media into a destination stop three days a week. Like most of LinkedIn’s nearly half-billion members, we wanted to reconnect with colleagues from days past and build new professional relationships. We knew we had something to say, but we also looked to do something different by leveraging a platform that encourages quality content. Since our humble beginnings with around 500 followers, we’ve had an awesome opportunity to grow our network to more than 25,000 and our business by sharing news and information our oil and gas audience can put to work. We especially enjoy introducing people and companies to each other, bridging connections, and spotlighting the industry jewels you may not be aware of. We like starting conversations and hearing new perspectives on our mother industry. For us, this is the magic of social media and something we look to continue right here. From all of us at, thanks for reading.