Gas Contract, Measurement and Sampling Auditing

Reese Energy Consulting performs comprehensive auditing that ensures our clients receive every penny they’re due. We are renowned for recovering lost revenues from wellhead to market which, over the years, have topped $20 million. 

Whether you operate a few wells or hundreds, REC offers the decades-long experience, expertise, and skill to identify and correct problem areas that can dramatically affect producer bottom lines.

REC Auditing Background

  • More than $20 million recovered in lost revenues for producers
  • 3.5 BCFD audited volumes
  • Numerous audits in the nation’s most prolific oil and gas basins, including the Permian, Marcellus, Haynesville, Anadarko, DJ, and Uinta
  • A combined 250 years of experience in midstream operations, accounting, and commercial negotiations
  • 30-year history of auditing midstream contracts and field facilities for some of the industry’s most successful E&Ps
  • Clients include Chesapeake Energy, Southwestern Energy, Vine Energy, GeoSouthern Exploration, Verdad Resources, LeNorman Energy, and many others. 

Commercial / Accounting

  • Verify tailgate pricing follows market rates and complies with agreements
  • Evaluate gathering, compression, treating, processing, and all contractual fees
  • Analyze volumes, including allocated liquids, shrinkage, fuel, and loss
  • Ensure midstream firms adhere to all contractual obligations

Measurement / Sampling

  • Witness calibration techniques to include a 125-point EFM inspection
  • Collect objective samples for comparison
  • Ensure midstream firms adhere to AGA and contractual obligations 
  • Educate producer’s representatives while on location