Gas Contract, Measurement and Sampling Auditing

Reese Energy Consulting is nationally renowned for the audits we conduct throughout the year to determine where our clients can improve revenues, eliminate lost dollars, and ensure their payments correlate to their contracts. We are experts to ensure our clients’ purchasers conform to the commercial and operational terms in their midstream contracts and that our clients’ gas is measured and sampled in accordance with industry standards. We check every detail on statements for correct product allocations and plant and gathering performance.

Our expertise in gas purchaser/midstream auditing and gas contract language, gas processing, gathering, measurement and sampling are unparalleled with audits uncovering millions of dollars every year for our clients.

Whether you operate a few wells or thousands, our experience and expertise are without equal to micro-analyze contracts, commercial terms, accounting systems, and volumetric and gas analysis reconciliation. In the field, we doggedly ensure your volumes, gas quality, relevant data, purchaser facilities and practices are performing with ultimate accuracy to ensure you receive every penny you’re due.

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