Energy Project Planning

The First Step to Determine Viability and ROI for New Greenfield Projects and Expansion of Existing Energy Assets

Reese Energy Consulting offers comprehensive operational, contractual, financial planning due diligence for oil and natural gas producers, midstream companies, LNG firms and end-users whose growth strategies require thorough project assessments.

We understand that every investment in unconventional resources, system expansions, new infrastructure, or greenfield projects relies on meticulous research, analysis and vetting. That’s why REC leaves no stone unturned to provide the project intelligence and metrics energy firms need to make the most informed decisions.

  • Extensive due diligence, market research, project analysis and planning
  • Identification of optimal locations for new infrastructure and expansions of system assets, including gas plants, processing and treating facilities, gathering systems, compressor stations, storage terminals and more
  • Verification of oil, natural gas and LNG proximity to strategic delivery options, including pipelines, gathering systems, processing and treating facilities, storage and more
  • Development of capital costs and system and facility design
  • Vetting of takeaway scenarios for natural gas, NGLs and crude oil
  • Vetting of third-party suppliers to ensure best available technology and best-in-industry project resources
  • Facilitation of acquisition and divestitures, including joint venture deal structures and negotiation of all associated energy contracts