Project Engineering, Design and Commissioning

Infrastructure, Systems, and Logistics Expertise to Connect Energy Products with the Market

Reese Energy Consulting engineers, designs and commissions oil, natural gas and midstream systems to efficiently gather, compress,  process, treat, transport and store energy supplies. We provide the critical oversight and creative solutions that bring assets online, on time and on budget.

REC’s engineers and plant designers architect highly-efficient, flexible, compliant natural gas and midstream systems that address current needs and anticipate future demands. Our processes are smart and fine-tuned from decades of real-world experience, giving us a unique ability to identify potential challenges and better manage risk.

  • Oil, natural gas and midstream operations, facilities, pipelines and distribution systems
  • Boots on the ground and inhouse project management
  • Strategic siting for new assets
  • Pre-commissioning, commissioning, and startup
  • Infield testing and inspections to ensure regulatory, environmental and safety compliance
  • Oversight of construction, installations, vendor vetting and more
  • Identification of oil, gas and NGL sources and takeaway capacity
  • Gas sampling and measurement
  • Operational improvements and revamps
  • Training and troubleshooting