Oil, Natural Gas, Midstream and LNG Project Expertise

Reese Energy Consulting partners with producers, midstream companies and LNG firms to explore, harvest, transport, treat, process, compress, store, market and export their fuels to lucrative markets.

Projects:  Energy Research and Planning

REC has long conducted the due diligence required to ensure our clients maximize their capital investments and minimize risk.

  • Facilitated research for a large producer to identify all midstream options and assets in the Anadarko Basin.
  • Conducted a research study for Pemex to identify all gas export and import options in South Texas.
  • Performed a study for a large refiner in West Texas to identify all butane supply options.
  • Completed a study for all gas transport and supply sourcing options for a 3 BCFPD LNG export facility.
  • Developed a study to identify gas supply pricing and sourcing options for numerous end users, including the University of Oklahoma.
  • Due diligence project of all legacy and greenfield options in the STACK and Eastern STACK of Oklahoma.
  • Numerous due diligence (operational and commercial) projects in the Eagleford, Haynesville, Mid-Continent, and Permian basins.

Projects:  Engineering, Design and Commissioning

REC’s successes in engineering and design have made us a provider-of-choice to develop highly-efficient midstream assets.

  • Design and engineering for a full-service oil, gas, and water greenfield midstream complex in the Delaware play.
  • Design and commissioning of a gas gathering system and gas plant in the DJ Basin.
  • Design and engineering for full buildout of a large greenfield midstream complex in the STACK.
  • Design and commissioning of a large compressor site and central delivery point in the Permian Basin.

Projects:  Energy Marketing

Reese Energy Consulting is nationally recognized for its expertise in contract negotiations and marketing services that save our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars to connect their fuels with key markets.

  • Renegotiated oil contract for 1,500 BOPD for an increase of $4.50 per barrel = annual uplift of $2,500,000.
  • Renegotiated gas contract for 2,500 MCFPD for an increase of $0.80 per MCF = annual uplift of $730,000.
  • Facilitated the negotiations of thousands of wellhead oil and gas contracts for producers over 25 years.

Projects:  Auditing

REC conducts audits throughout the year to determine where our clients can improve revenues, optimize plant performance, and discover new opportunities that positively impact their bottom lines.

  • Audit of gas sampling techniques and reconfiguration of measurement and sampling in the Texas Panhandle. Savings of more than $1,000,000.
  • Numerous audits of commercial and operations in Permian, Mid-Continent, and DJ basins resulting in millions of dollars in savings.
  • Audit of gas supply costs for end user that resulted in a change of supply strategy and a large gas cost-savings.
  • Audit of gas contract pricing dispute in Mid Continent that resulted in a substantial savings for a producer.