Big Texas oil strikes and their bigger paydays have long been camera-ready for filmmakers.  Over the years, the plots have changed but you can bet your last buck that at least one character will play a down-on-his-luck wildcatter who refuses to throw in the towel. In the era of the Climate Panic and Hair on Fire Band, it’s surprising to learn a new film starring big, bad Texas crude could even got financed. Nevertheless, if you’re out to make a feel-good movie on a tight budget set in smalltown Buffalo Gap, you’re gonna need some serious props.

Reese Energy Consulting today is following the latest from Pettus, Texas-based Nelson Oil and Gas, which has scored a starring offscreen role in the new independent flick, Accidental Texas. CEO Jimmy Nelson has quickly become a go-to source to scout out and line up movie props. It’s become an extension of his business to coordinate moving drill rigs and sourcing roughneck crews. With 45 years of experience in the oil biz, Nelson knows just who to call to keep productions and actors from creating an Accidental Catastrophe.

Based on the book Chocolate Lizards, the script for Accidental Texan came with a big change that led Nelson to mentor the actor playing tool pusher, Shay. But in this case, Shay would be performed by Texas actress AnnaClare Hicks replacing a key male role in the story. And she was quick to seek out Nelson to help her deliver the authenticity of an oil rig worker. Starring actor Thomas Haden Church researched his own role at Nelson’s ranch where a well recompletion was underway. Santa Rose Drilling supplied its crew to show the actors how to safely operate the rig. With the film now in the can, Nelson will add another notch to his cinema belt and call his latest production one heckuva positive wrap.