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The Reese Energy Consulting team this week is scattered to the four blustery winds on projects throughout the Midcontinent. Today, we’re focused on midstream vetting, including gas and water infrastructure, for a large STACK producer. Speaking of water, less than 2 years ago trucking the stuff was about the only option for producers in the Anadarko. But water midstream companies like Bison Oilfield and Lagoon Water Solutions quickly realized that offering producers pipelines to transport their water from producing to disposal wells would drive down costs and eliminate the headache factor. Bison and Lagoon offer fully-integrated networks that include pipe, saltwater disposal facilities, and truck fleets in the SCOOP and STACK. Producers with large contiguous acreage also jumped on board to build their own produced water pipelines and infrastructure. As a pure-play STACK operator, Houston-based Alta Mesa built two pipelines of its own—one to manage about 100,000 bbls of produced water every day, and another to move water to and from each end of its field for completions.