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As a start-up in 2007, Houston-based Oasis Petroleum secured its spot early on in North Dakota’s Williston Basin. Beginning as an E&P in the nation’s second-largest producing oil basin, Oasis has witnessed over the years sleepy agricultural towns like Williston become the fastest-growing city in the U.S. Farmland that once sold for $500 an acre jump to $250,000 an acre. Oil production leap from 2 MMBbls to 13 MMBbls a day. By mid-2014, oil prices hovered north of $107 per barrel. Another boom was on in the Bakken—this time thanks to fracking—and Oasis was drilling right in the thick of it. Sound familiar? So, when oil prices tanked less than a year and a half later, Oasis knew it would take a slew of operating changes and newer technology to drill wells cheaper—even planning a worse-case scenario of $30 per barrel. Today, Oasis Petroleum is the second-largest producer in the Bakken and one of the most successful, producing 80.2 MMBbls in 3Q. The company set out in 2019 to become free cash flow positive, reduce debt, and invest in its growing midstream operations—all of which have been realized. And all of which make Oasis an energy standout.