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Natural gas prices are poised for a rebound as oil wells are shut in, affecting the supply of rich associated natural gas. That’s at least a flicker of good news for embattled producers in need of a badly needed break. Reese Energy Consulting is working with numerous upstream and midstream clients right now to find them every advantage in this new environment. The Reese advantage is our decades of experience, of course, but we’re also comfortable working in the virtual data rooms and online. As a matter of fact, our number of auditing and due diligence projects has ramped up as E&Ps and midstream firms take every step to ensure maximum revenue. Our history of uncovering lost revenue due to contract overcharges, mismeasurement, and accounting errors is written by the oil and gas industry leaders we serve. Our expertise in due diligence on all things commercial and midstream remain in high demand as consolidation of the industry continues. And while we’re blessed to have the work, we’re also fortunate for the opportunity to help our clients maximize their investments no matter what the cycle. For us, that’s what it’s all about.