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Another wave of acquisitions and divestitures is headed to an oil and gas basin near you. Like we touched on in yesterday’s post, Reese Energy Consulting is talking to several industry folks on both sides of the equation—either exploring the sale of their assets or hound-dogging a sweet deal. Tulsa-based NGL Energy Partners has just announced it, too, is mulling a potential sale of some of its assets, along with slashing dividends by nearly 50% to increase liquidity and strengthen its balance sheet. We saw a lot of this belt-tightening last year and can expect to see more going forward in the name of self-preservation now x1,000. For those on the buyer’s side, this may well become a season of low-hanging fruit as inevitable bankruptcies start to rise. Nevertheless, the strong will survive the current madness and perhaps emerge even stronger if not altogether leaner in the process. Demand destruction will become yesterday’s news, the sun will rise, and deals will be made. Just a question of time and sympathy. What do you think? Learn more about Reese Energy Consulting and our range of upstream, midstream and downstream services at