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With a low of 31 degrees and wind gusts up to 40 mph today, Casper, Wyo., is bracing for an even more brutal winter than usual. But inside the offices of Bridger Pipeline, things are heating up. Reese Energy Consulting is following news from pipeline developer Bridger, which just announced two expansion projects across ND., Mont., and Wyo., with one slated to begin by year end. The 137-mile South Bend Pipeline will straddle ND., and Mont., where it will connect with other systems to transport 150,000 bbls of oil per day to several markets. The instrastate Equality Pipeline will move 200,000 bbls of oil per day from Wyo., and connect with other pipelines, including Bridger’s proposed Liberty line, which will terminate at the Cushing, Okla., hub. This comes as oil and gas production in the Bakken alone continues to break records. In August, the North Dakota leg produced 1.48 million Bbls of oil and more than 3 BCF of natural gas. Those numbers are expected to climb though the rest of the year with producers feeling their own kind of heat to get oil and gas supplies to market. Bundle up, Bridger.