Over the last 30 years Steve Reese has seen the inside of a whole lotta courtrooms—and that’s proved to be a very, very good thing for REC clients.

As an oil and gas expert witness, Steve—along with key staff members of Reese Energy Consulting—is regularly called upon by corporate legal teams and outside counsel to provide litigation services and expert testimony on behalf of producers, midstreamers, marketers, end users, and accounting firms. And we’re currently seeing an uptick of activity in this space, now assisting in five legal cases amid increasing inquiries.  

With more than 250 years of combined oil and gas and midstream experience, REC provides the subject-matter experts, consulting, due diligence, analysis, and courtroom testimony to help inform decision makers for optimal results.

Here’s a look at some of our expert subject-matter disciplines:

  • Oil and gas contracts and marketing
  • Gathering and processing operations and commercial contracts
  • Gas measurement and sampling
  • Product scheduling and balancing
  • Oil and gas revenue, deductions, and fees

How can we help you? Learn more about REC and our legal consulting services at www.ReeseEnergyConsulting.com  and our online natural gas training courses at www.ReeseEnergyGoesRogue.com.