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Enterprise Products has generated a lot of industry headlines this year with the pipeline giant’s latest news turning heads bigtime. But first, let’s look at the cascade of achievements Enterprise has claimed just in January. And be forewarned, you might suddenly feel like a slacker. Jan. 8, Enterprise and Navigator loaded the first vessel of the partnership’s new export terminal at Morgan’s Point with 25 million lbs. of ethylene, bound for Japan. Jan. 13, announced service at the company’s isobutane dehydrogenation plant in Mont Belvieu, which will ultimately have the capability to process 25,000 BPD of butane into 1 billion lbs. of isobutylene. Jan. 21 and Jan. 23, respectively, operations begin at Enterprise’s Mentone processing plant and East Texas gas processing plant. Jan. 30, Enterprise wraps up its 2019 fiscal year with a mind-blowing profit of $4.6 billion and shattering 28 company records. But you won’t find Enterprise on a coffee break any time soon. It’s already February and this midstream machine has set aside $3-$4 billion for new projects this year.