Family dynasties have long been the subject of public fascination but perhaps no other Texas-sized oil and gas tribe has captured as much imagination and curiosity as the Dallas-based Hunts. Their story, which originates with Haroldson Lafayette Hunt, Jr.—H.L., as he was known—is stuff of legend that continues three generations later. And since there are so few of these stories left to mark an industry that created today’s modern life, we simply had to share the latest in this legacy.

Reese Energy Consulting recognizes today’s memorial service of W. Herbert Hunt, one of H.L.Hunt’s last 15 children, who dedicated 75 years of his life to the thrill of a chase for oil and gas discoveries and a name so befitting. Herbert sealed the last of his career as an advisor for the company he founded in the 50s, Petro-Hunt. He lived 95 long years to share colorful tales of his family sagas and his father’s sculptural life as a wildcatter, gambler, and oil tycoon who would later become the inspiration for J.R. Ewing in the 80s hit TV drama, Dallas.

But Herbert also laid claim to his own extraordinary discoveries and achievements. At the wheel of Petro-Hunt, the geologist CEO built up operations in the Eagle Ford, Permian, Williston, and Powder River, made the largest oil field discovery in Libya, and drilled and completed the world’s first medium radius double lateral horizontal well in South Texas. Now under the leadership of Bruce Hunt, Petro-Hunt has continued to expand its family operations in four states, including the Permian’s Delaware, in addition to minerals, gas processing, and refining. Herbert was last honored in December with an induction into Hart Energy’s Hall of Fame. He died April 9th with so many other stories left untold. Rest easy, Herbert.