So many news nuggets to share, so limited character space to give each its proper due. Still, Reese Energy Consulting soldiers on to arm our producer and midstream readers with the latest intel.  

We start today with the latest from Houston-based Crescent Midstream, which operates 1,200 miles of offshore and onshore crude oil pipe in La., and the Gulf of Mexico. The company, backed by the Carlyle Group, flows 200 MMbbls per year and services 80+ deepwater platforms. Crescent now says it’s considering a sale to an undisclosed buyer that could fetch as much as $1.3 billion. The deal would also include its partnership with Spain’s Repsol to build a commercial-scale CCS project offshore the La., Gulf Coast where Crescent planned to construct a 110-mile CO2 pipeline that links refineries in Geismar, La., to Grand Isle. The $10.6 million project has been gifted $8.4 million from the DOE to prove its feasibility. If you’re doing the math, that means only $2.2 million to get the party started.

Speaking of La., Houston-based energy infrastructure and logistics provider Moss Lake Partners has entered the FERC Twilight Zone to build the 690-mile DeLa Express and all its related bells and whistles to flow 2 BCFD of natural gas from the Permian Delaware to markets in and around Lake Charles. Moss Lake estimates a go-live in the latter half of 2026. We wish them well on their fed journey and strongly encourage the use of a titanium butt shield.

Finally, Okla City-based Novo Oil & Gas, backed by EnCap, has announced its second iteration to once again go forth and make Permian hay. Novo I was acquired last year for $1.5 billion, and Novo II is back on the prowl for more Delaware juice.