Houston-based Pickering Energy Partners (PEP) wants you to know it’s rapidly growing its energy brain. There’s even a video on the firm’s website illustrating the PEP energy brain, complete with synapses and neurons firing in pulses of brightly colored animation to represent its strengths as an energy advisor, investor, and partner. Now, with a large cash infusion by an un-named institutional investor, PEP is on the hunt for Permian opportunities and—preaching to the choir here—no shortage of them.

Reese Energy Consulting today is following the latest from Pickering, which has secured $300 million to forge drilling partnerships in the nation’s most prolific oil basin. This is welcomed news for operators struggling with a dearth of equity capital to invest in needed oil and gas development to increase production. Yes, Mr. Pickering, oil and gas is indeed a strategic investment again and precisely what our industry needs to meet the world’s growing energy demand. We look forward to hearing more about your selections and that ever-expanding brain of yours.