With 18 days left in the calendar year, midstream operators want you to know there’s no rest for the weary, especially when it comes to keeping up with record high natural gas production in the Permian. Reese Energy Consulting today is following the latest from the nation’s scene-stealing basin where residue gas production in November climbed to an astonishing 19.8 BCFD—the lion’s share coming from the Wolfcamp, Spraberry, and Bone Spring, where associated gas has tripled since 2018.

For midstreamers, catching up to all these volumes might seem reminiscent of Lucy and Ethel on the chocolate factory assembly line. But make no mistake, new pipelines, capacity expansions, and processing plants continue unabated, whether they’re under construction, wrapping up, or going live nearly every month, along with more projects on the docket for 2024. Here are a few mentions.

According to the EIA, of the 20 BCFD in new pipeline capacity now under construction across the country, 13.5 BCFD of that is dedicated to flow natural gas in and outside of the Permian to supply five Gulf Coast LNG terminals. Houston-based Kinder Morgan earlier this month announced wrapping up its expansion of the 430-mile Permian Highway Pipeline, which adds another 550 MCFD of capacity to move Permian gas from the Waha Hub to the Gulf Coast and Mexico.

San Antonio-based Howard Energy Partners has now announced the completion of $800 million in projects that include the completion of its 200 MMCFD expansion of the Stateline natural gas processing complex serving the Delaware, increasing its total capacity to more than 600 MMCFD. Never underestimate the tenacity of our midstream folks to git ‘r’ dun.