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In life, there are people we admire and others who inspire our lives, careers, how we treat those who work for us, and those who entrust us with their business. For Reese Energy Consulting, that inspiration came from Herb Kelleher, cofounder and longtime CEO of Southwest Airlines, who passed away Dec. 3 at age 87. As one of the most beloved American business leaders perhaps ever, Herb created a culture of purpose with both his airline and his employees. He transformed not only the aviation industry by pricing air travel that afforded most everyone the opportunity to fly, but demonstrated a contagious passion, respect and enthusiasm for the people who served under him. He valued their ideas, considered them an extension of his family, and never lost sight that making connections in the marketplace was just as vital as building connections in the workplace. At REC, we believe the same genuine principles that guided Herb’s success in business and life are just as relevant today—perhaps even more so. Like his biographer penned as a headline that epitomized Herb Kelleher’s indomitable spirit and human generosity, ‘It’s Not What You Sell, It’s What You Stand For’. We agree.