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Building solid business relationships in the O&G industry is a key driver of success for Reese Energy Consulting. Mutual benefits and shared ambitions are important, of course. But as a team of like-minded professionals who’ve spent our careers in this industry, REC chooses to work with producers and midstream companies that are standouts in their field—with the leadership, ethics and expertise that are principled beyond expectation. We believe in good people who do what they say, do it well, and have the track record of performance to prove it. Such is the case with co-founders Bob Jackson, Robert Mitchell and their Tulsa-based Carrera Gas. Formed in 1985, Carrera builds, operates and owns gas gathering, treating and processing facilities primarily in Oklahoma, with the experience to operate numerous types and vintages of equipment in difficult environments. For plants in need of modernization, expansions and upgrades, Carrera has the horsepower to get it done right. Plus, the company is looking to deploy its capital through acquisitions and greenfield projects. That’s news we like.