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For years, the middle child of the oil and gas industry largely took a back seat to its sexier siblings, the producers and hungry end markets. The midstream sector was expected to mature in 2006, with all the bones in place to bridge production with refiners and processing plants. Then enters the Shale Revolution and hydraulic fracturing, unlocking vast amounts of oil and gas to a standing ovation. But like concert goers eager to exchange tickets for a long-awaited performance, the venue filled up quicker than expected. Not the perfect analogy of what producers have experienced over the last couple of years, but it does characterize why the midstream sector is now the industry’s new favorite child. For those of us at Reese Energy Consulting, we’re seeing a momentum in our area of expertise we’ve never witnessed before—and we believe it’s just the beginning. REC devotes this week to our midstream clients feverishly working to put on line the systems that will drive our energy renaissance forward. We’ll also highlight some of our latest projects and folks out in the field making “Git ‘r’ dun” a reality. The middle kid rocks.