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Reese Energy Consulting is all about Midstream this week, so we’re giving a big shameless promotion today to our own Cliff Stover, REC Chief Operating Officer, who literally wrote the book on Gas Measurement and Sampling for Texaco. If you’re among the younger generation, you should know that Cliff will bet you a Mexican combo platter with a guacamole chaser to demonstrate how your wells and gas plants may be losing money every day. For now, Cliff is heading up our massive field and commercial contract audit for a large Mid-Continent producer in the Anadarko Basin to confirm payments and fees under their midstream contracts; investigate gas measurement and sampling techniques; and ensure this producer is capturing all possible value for their reserves. Our audits and contract renegotiations have saved our clients millions of dollars in lost revenue and overcharges. And, whether you operate a dozen or thousands of wells, that can mean serious bucks. So, here’s a big shout-out to our man Cliff and his amazing library of knowledge and experience that keeps him a fan favorite around here.