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Straight out of the IPO starting gate in 2015, Tallgrass Energy demonstrated amazing fleet of foot to grow, outperform, and go the distance even during the worst oil crash in a generation. Reese Energy Consulting today is studying the remarkable success of Kansas-based Tallgrass and its network of oil, gas and water midstream systems in the Rockies, Upper Midwest and Appalachian regions. This mid-size midstream company not only survived the oil collapse but thrived with a crush of growth projects that won smiles from Wall Street along the way. Now, with more than 8,300 miles of natural gas and 800 miles of crude oil pipelines, Tallgrass serves producers in the Bakken, Powder River and DJ basins. Its 300 miles of water pipelines support seven producing basins. Together, Tallgrass operates across 11 states—and there’s more to come. Up next is the 700-mile Seahorse Pipeline, which will transport crude from the Cushing oil hub to the Louisiana Gulf Coast.