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Reese Energy Consulting specializes in natural gas contract, field measurement and gas sampling audits that identify every area where our clients are losing revenue or volumes. Losses can add up quickly due to contract overcharges, mismeasurement, sampling techniques, inefficient processing, accounting errors, mismanaged equipment, and more. In New Mexico, Permian producers now face more stringent regulations targeting methane leaks due to increased activity and flaring/venting. Reese’s expertise to thoroughly audit fuel, loss, unaccounted for gas, sampling, contract terms, and equipment inefficiencies helps producers and midstreamers ensure each molecule and dollar are accounted for, while ensuring methane gets to the marketplace where it belongs. This is just part of our commitment to find solutions that create a win-win for our clients and the environment. Since 1994, we’ve saved producers and midstreamers tens of millions of dollars with our top-to-bottom audit program. How can we help you?