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Ask NuStar Energy CEO Brad Barron if good things happen in threes and chances are he’ll tell you absolutely. Reese Energy Consulting today is following the latest news from San Antonio-based NuStar, which just announced the completion of three pipeline projects that began moving crude oil and refined products within 24 hours of each other. First up, NuStar’s expanded South Texas Crude system with a new 8-mile line and interconnects to the Cactus II Pipeline to transport more crude from the Permian to South Texas and to NuStar’s Corpus Christi storage terminal. Second, NuStar doubled the capacity on its Valley Pipeline System in South Texas to move 90,000 BPD of refined products from Corpus Christi to the Rio Grand Valley and Northern Mexico. Third—and this one’s a doozy—a reactivation of the company’s existing refined products pipeline system to transport diesel from NuStar’s Laredo Terminal in South Texas to its Nuevo Laredo Terminal in Mexico that required a new border crossing horizontally drilled under the Rio Grande River. Volumes are moving on all three with more expansion plans underway.