Whether you call natural gas the cleanest, most abundant, low-cost hydrocarbon on planet Earth or a transitional fuel to bridge the next era of world energy, understanding this miracle molecule is essential for those who work—or plan to work—in businesses that depend on gas to grow and thrive.

Reese Energy Consulting today is proud to introduce the next era of our sister company, Reese Energy Training, which after decades of educating students and employees of some of the nation’s leading oil and gas companies, has officially released its first online course, Natural Gas Basics.

And while this is a pretty big deal for us, we also know it’s a pretty big deal for those who’ve taken this course over the years when originally delivered live by our own Steve Reese in corporate training rooms across the country. Yeah, he’s all that a bag of Cheetos in person, but he also understands today’s time crunch on folks who need to gain as much knowledge as they possibly can—as quickly as they can—on their own time, at their own pace. So Steve’s put together a series of courses, starting with Natural Gas Basics, that eschews any fluff and gets right down to business.  

For producers and midstreamers, Reese Energy Training’s Natural Gas Basics offers a real-world understanding of that miracle molecule and its journey from wellhead to market—from gathering, compression, treating, and processing, to pipeline transmission, markets, distribution, and end users. We’ve saddled up with Energy Rogue to provide a comprehensive, no-holds-barred emersion into the world of natural gas and its role in today’s energy mix at a price that fits every budget. You can sign up today to get learning at www.ReeseEnergyGoesRogue.com.