Midstream operator Tallgrass Energy is a nose-hair away from becoming the first of its ilk to gain operational and emissions certification on a U.S. interstate natural gas pipeline system. It’s a pretty big deal when you consider the Rockies Express is also one of the nation’s largest at 1,700 miles with 22 compressor station sites and a capacity of 4.4 BCFD. The bi-directional pipeline flows gas to and from key producing basins in the Rockies and Appalachia.

Reese Energy Consulting today is following the latest news from Kans.-based Tallgrass, which last year announced a partnership with carbon-measurement certifier Project Canary that includes monitoring and quantifying real-time emissions across all 22 compressor sites.

Speaking of compressors, Tallgrass now has announced a collaboration with Canada’s Kanin Energy to develop Waste Heat to Power (WHP) projects at three compressor stations in Ohio and one in Ind. Once completed by 2024, the WHP projects will capture heat from the compressor process and convert it into electricity which Tallgrass can then monetize. The four projects will generate 410,000 MWh of carbon-free electricity and indirectly offset nearly 250,000 tons of CO2 equivalent each year.