2021 marked a pivotal, landmark year for Durham, N.C.-based NET Power. After nearly nine years of developing a revolutionary technology that converts natural gas or renewable gas into zero-emissions power and building a 50-MWth pilot facility in LaPorte, Texas, to prove its validity, NET Power delivered electricity to the ERCOT grid. Enough electricity to power 250,000 homes.

Reese Energy Consulting today is following the latest news from NET Power, a joint venture between Exelon, Occidental, Baker Hughes, and 8 Rivers Capital which invented the Allam-Felvedt supercritical carbon dioxide power cycle. The technology converts natural gas combined with oxygen into thermal energy while capturing the generated CO2 and water. The result is clean electrical power that costs less and is ready for sequestration without the need for expensive carbon capture equipment.

NET Power will now build the world’s first utility-scale natural gas-fired power plant using the Allam-Felvedt Cycle smack dab in the Permian Basin near Occidental’s operations. Not surprisingly, Occidental will be the primary customer of the 300-MWth plant for both power and CO2 sequestration, EOR, or both. NET Power looks to license its technology around the world.