Chevron CEO Mike Wirth, who plays lead guitar and vocals for the nation’s second-largest Rock ‘Til You Drop Band, has announced plans to develop its first green hydrogen plant in Kern Co., Calif.

Now, meet Ilana Wisby, a highly educated 33-year-old female entrepreneur residing in the U.K., whose company has developed something so extraordinarily special that Chevron says, “Color us there with bells on,” while signing a fat check.

Reese Energy Consulting today is following the latest from our brothers and sisters in the oil and gas industry, investing big bucks in new energy frontiers and tech. Nothing new for larger producers or midstreamers to develop business arms devoted to adventures via outside ventures. Chevron launched its own in 1999, right before the Y2K bug was thought to upend a computer-driven world and plunge us all into darkness devoid of cell phones and Chinese takeout.

Since then, Chevron Technology Ventures has continued to explore and invest in emerging energy sources and next-era tech to add more meat to its fossil fuels bones. Its latest is a $100 million investment in OQC, helmed by Ilana Wisby, PhD, who eats quantum physics-laced Cheerios for breakfast. OQC—the first company in the world to develop quantum computing-as-a-service—takes this brainiac superpower that merges engineering and physics from a lab to the energy industry C-suite. It’s groundbreaking tech Chevron believes could not only improve its oil and gas performance but provide a launch pad for more growth opportunities. Rock on, Chevron and Wisby.