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Reese Energy Consulting today is looking at the extraordinary economic impact Oklahoma’s STACK play is making on the towns that call the Anadarko Basin home. Laying smack dab in the heart of the STACK, Kingfisher is enjoying the results of a rising tide lifting all boats, thanks to the robust activity in oil and gas drilling and production. Restaurants and convenience stores generally are the first to benefit from a growing population and an influx of workers in the field. But in Kingfisher, its newfound wealth from one of the most hydrocarbon-rich areas in the state is seen and felt everywhere. Community projects like parks and outdoor splash pads have been largely funded by energy producers here. Town staples like K&S Tire is busier than ever with 80% of its business directly attributable to the oilfield. The volume of hotel and housing construction is breaking all-time records. And not surprisingly, the demand for quality workers is off the charts with virtually every business in hiring mode. Oklahoma’s oil and gas resources are reshaping the future for towns like Kingfisher and we’re proud to play a part in their spectacular growth.