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Reese Energy Consulting today is studying the catalytic change occurring in Chickasha, Okla. located in the SCOOP, where we actively market oil and gas for numerous producers. Just a few years ago, this little city awakened to the arrival of so many oilfield and related industry workers, locals began renting out spare bedrooms. Restaurants, retailers, and service providers were quickly overwhelmed, and for the first time ever Chickasha experienced a traffic jam. Since then, the growth in oil and gas activity in the SCOOP has literally transformed Chickasha. Its population is booming. An exponential increase of its tax base has resulted in a new 40-acre shopping center, fresh public projects, school upgrades and more hotels. Mom-and-pop restaurants have opened second locations and expanded their business hours to accommodate more customers. Banks are experiencing larger deposits and a record-breaking number of loans for those who want to open new businesses. Oklahoma’s oil and gas renaissance continues to breathe new life into communities like Chickasha, and Reese Energy Consulting is proud to work with the men and women who help create such exceptional progress.