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Over the years, Reese Energy Training has taught its range of natural gas and midstream courses to virtually every Fortune 500 energy firm. What you may not know is we also educate the leadership and employees of oil and gas services companies to keep them on the frontlines of the industry and give them a real-world perspective on the role they play in it. This week, Steve Reese is customizing a Natural Gas Basics program for Okla. City-based Kimray, a global manufacturer of electric actuators and control products used for pipelines, drilling rigs, and well heads. With more and more product innovations occurring in the energy industry, Reese Energy Training knows that a solid understanding of natural gas and midstream processes provides manufacturers, developers and service providers with a serious advantage to compete in the marketplace. How can we design a customized training program that helps your company create top performers to drive your oil and gas business? Learn more about our energy courses and world-class instructors at