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Just because we really like her, and she happens to be an outstanding member of our team, Reese Energy Consulting today is shining a big, bright spotlight on our own Sonja Langlee. As Chief Commercial Officer, Sonja works closely with our producer and end-user clients to connect their oil and gas supplies with the most strategic markets. And frankly, no one does it better. This week, Sonja’s making us all shine with her experience and industry savvy in the areas of gas marketing, scheduling and due diligence for a new Midcontinent producer client. Based in REC’s Tulsa office, Sonja also performs contract negotiations, auditing, gas balancing and land and title work, as well as managing the purchase and sale of midstream assets. From all of us at Reese Energy Consulting, congratulations Sonja on your numerous successes and thank you for being a part of our family.