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Reese Energy Consulting this week is performing audits of commercial and operational contracts for a large midstream firm to ensure the commercial terms and measurement and sampling techniques used are top-shelf and industry standard. These areas and the tests employed all determine if our client is receiving the maximum amount of revenue for its gas supplies. Measurement errors can greatly reduce potential volumes of gas, and sampling errors can lead to reduced NGL values. Recording instruments, EFMs, and sample ports may not be calibrated or maintained in a prudent manner. Commercial contractual terms are the driver to ensure maximum ROI, and negotiations of these require fine-tuned expertise. Over the years, Reese Energy Consulting has saved our clients millions of dollars performing gas purchaser and plant audits, negotiating existing contracts, and facilitating thousands of new well connects. We take a soup-to-nuts approach to ensure you receive every penny you’re due for every MCF and MMBtu produced, gathered, processed or transported.