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Reese Energy Consulting is pleased to welcome Rick O’Bannon to our growing team of oil and gas experts. As our Manager of Business Development in Houston, Rick’s experience and knowledge of oil and gas producers and midstream companies are widely known in the energy industry and include more than 37 years of successes throughout Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and North Louisiana. He’s quick to tell you the first two years of his career were spent as a roughneck on a drillship in the Gulf of Mexico then overseas in the south Atlantic. That’s where the oil and gas business crept into his veins and stayed there. Returning to his Texas home, Rick’s star began to rise with high-profile positions at Enbridge, Coastal Corp, KN Energy, Texaco and Union Texas Petroleum. He offers wellhead-to-burner-tip expertise in a wide range of capacities, including marketing and transportation, acquisitions and divestitures, asset development, auditing, contract reformation, hedging, and gas accounting. He’s also a pretty cool guy and we’re excited to keep him busy doing what he loves.