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When you’re a small midstream player on the hunt for an advantage, finding a unique niche to wrap your paws around can lead to some meaty results. Reese Energy Consulting today is studying the path Denver-based 3 Bear Energy has taken to secure its position as a formidable midstreamer in the hungry northern Delaware sub-basin of the Permian. A few short years ago, 3 Bear recognized conditions were ripe to build crude and natural gas gathering, gas processing, and produced water gathering, recycling and disposal infrastructure for producers there. In other words, offer a four-stream solution that provides every capability to get crude and natural gas to market while saving producers hundreds of thousands of dollars by recycling their water. Niche found. By August, 3 Bear’s network will comprise 200 miles of gathering pipeline, including systems for oil, gas and water transportation; a water treatment and disposal facility; a crude terminal; a 60,000 MCFD cryogenic processing plant with treating capabilities; and interconnects to major interstate pipelines. But maybe we’re biased since they’re friends of REC.