We can all agree that gaining foundational knowledge and understanding of our industry is vital to professional growth, no matter where we are on the company ladder. Who doesn’t recall achieving that Eureka moment when all the puzzle pieces suddenly fit into place revealing a picture that’s perfectly clear?

For 38 years, Steve Reese has shared his passion for natural gas with employees of every rank for the likes of Devon, Enbridge, ONEOK, Enterprise Products, Boardwalk Pipeline, and numerous other upstream and midstream companies across the nation. At no other time in history has this single hydrocarbon played such a commanding lead in our energy mix. And its importance as a low-carbon, reliable, plentiful fuel to power the future grows greater every day.

Now, Reese Energy Training has teamed with Energy Rogue to develop a series of web-based natural gas training courses that go beyond the textbook to include real-world experiences and unique perspectives—all the ingredients to trigger that Eureka moment and make a lasting impact. Combined with Energy Rogue’s expertise in gas price technical analysis and gas markets, these content-rich courses will launch early next year with the debut of Gas Basics 101, Midstream Basics, and Gas Processing Contracts.