Reese Energy Consulting will be Tulsa bound on Wednesday as a primary sponsor of the annual NGEAO (Natural Gas and Energy Association of Oklahoma) conference, August 30-31, at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

This year’s lineup of events includes a can’t-miss Gas Processing Economics Workshop from 1-3 pm hosted by Energy Rogue co-founders Brian Pieri and Bill Shanahan, and a major announcement to follow by Steve Reese.

We’ll also have some of our most illustrious team members there, including Stormi Normand, Rick O’Bannon, Phil Nickel, and Julius Leitner to round out the afternoon before—and you know what comes after—The Legendary Mixer. NGEAO will make a donation at this year’s conference to Special Olympics, which is near and dear to our hearts as we remember the legacy of Angelina Reese.

Oh, the gas talk we shall have.

Christina Reese as the ringer golfer playing the NGEAO tournament (and the lucky ones on her scramble team) might even surprise us with a visit. Hope to see you there.