Tulsa-based Williams is expanding its tentacles as one of the nation’s largest pipeline transporters of U.S. natural gas with new overlapping business strategies that can best be described as ingenius.

Reese Energy Consulting today is following the latest from Williams, which is on its way to become an international supplier of LNG. But not just any supplier. Williams could well become one of the first to offer certified low-carbon LNG on the world stage, creating a precedent in the market.

The company last month signed two 20-year agreements with Sempra to negotiate price and contract length for LNG from the latter’s Port Arthur and Cameron terminals. The agreement also included the sale of 500 MMCFD of feed gas sourced from the Haynesville by Williams to Sempra. Williams today announced the launch of a first-of-its-kind, comprehensive, next-gen gas certification platform that sweeps the entire value chain from wellhead to end-user. In its initial partnership with gas producer Coterra Energy and utility Dominion Energy Virginia, Williams will deploy technology by Context Labs to track and measure end-to-end emissions via multiple sources of data followed by third-party verification of methane emissions.