Energy think tank Rystad has released its latest projections on the impending LNG crisis coming this winter and—not surprisingly—our Norwegian friends are singing the low-down Muddy Waters blues.

Reese Energy Consulting today is following the latest scrambles to redraft global energy supply-and-delivery maps, produce more gas, build more LNG export/import infrastructure, and drive down prices on steroids amid demand on crack. Because Russia’s war and consequential sanctions against it have upended the entire world LNG market, restoring any sense of normalcy ain’t gonna be easy, quick, or cheap. According to Rystad, global demand for LNG this year is expected to top 436 million tons vs supply at a distant 410 million tons.

Still, there’s reason for optimism ahead. With more than half of the natural gas exported by the U.S. now bound for Europe, LNG terminal developers are finding a more dare-we-say friendlier environment for permits and investments than just a year ago. And while these projects won’t happen overnight, there lies a new sense of urgency to complete them. The LNG boom is here to stay for the foreseeable future and America’s untapped potential has only begun. What do you think? Learn more about REC and our natural gas and LNG expertise at