Brian Guinn has grand plans for remote possibilities starting in the Cherokee Basin of northeastern Okla., and southeast Kans. Guinn in 2021 stepped into his role as CEO of Texas-based United Energy Corporation (UNRG) with a bold business strategy that would combine his oil and gas expertise with emerging drilling technology, sustainable energy solutions, and a vision to turn uneconomical gas at current prices, economical.

Reese Energy Consulting today is following the latest from UNRG which, after four acquisitions by Guinn his first year, operates 3,200+ wells on 250,000 acres in the Cherokee and 1,100 miles of gas pipe. In a joint venture with Houston-based Bridge Energy, UNRG is now out to plug in burgeoning markets far away from Gulf Coast export terminals with remote LNG—a billion-dollar emerging industry. For UNRG, that mission begins in 4Q with its first-installed, small-scale liquefaction plant that will source gas from the company’s producing wells to process an initial 7,000 gallons of LNG per day.

Guinn intends to scale that production post-2024 targeting opportunities in agriculture where tractor and farm equipment manufacturers are producing products that run on LNG vs costlier diesel, as well as municipalities looking for ways to cut emissions.