While the administration plays political games with the growth of our homegrown LNG export industry now relied on by global markets, Reese Energy Consulting today goes rogue to chime in on the first-grade nonsense that threatens our economy and energy security: Tell your story walking in November. That is all.

Houston-based Kinder Morgan, which has muscled up its pipeline operations in the Eagle Ford with last month’s $1.8 billion acquisition of NextEra Energy Partners’ South Texas assets, has natural gas and LNG on the noggin in a big and differentiating way. In a double-dog-dare-ya to Wood McKenzie’s Eagle Ford growth forecast of 0.5 BCFD between 2023-2030, KM says “Hold my beer,” with its own projection of 2.5 BCFD, which the company says can probably rival output from the Haynesville.

With the Eagle Ford in key focus, the pipeline giant is also zeroing in on a strategy to offer Gulf Coast LNG plants an alternative to installing costly nitrogen rejection units. Permian gas is high in nitrogen while the Eagle Ford produces low-nitrogen gas best suited for LNG processing. By blending high-nitrogen Permian gas with dry Eagle Ford gas, Kinder Morgan looks to nail a new opportunity that works in stride with its plans for a potential two more Permian pipelines and leveraging its 702 BCF storage portfolio to address LNG needs for injection capabilities.